Mental Abuse Reform

Kids Deserve Better 

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Because our kids are in trouble and have no rights. The current family courts view children as "property" to be doled out like any other part of the list of assets from a marriage to be divided. Unfit and abusive parents are awarded parenting time because it is their "right", but no where is consideration given to the rights or "best interests" of our kids to live in a safe and nurturing environment.  A severe and detrimental belief that kids benefit from having both parents in their lives regardless of whether the parent is abusive or unfit has run rampant through the court system. While it is true that children have the right to love both of their parents regardless of who that parent is or how they behave, it is not fair to our children to throw them to the lions den without protection and supervision. It is the protection and supervision of hostile and detrimental environments that the court system is completely unequipped to handle. This website is dedicated to the goal of bringing together our legislators, therapists, and judges to help craft a bill that can fix our broken system and give kids back their rights. 

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Why A New Bill?

Boston Globe Survey analysis revealed that:

■  49 of the 52 child protection agencies surveyed don’t follow federal rules to protect babies affected by drugs during their mother’s pregnancy.

■  49 of the states as well as Puerto Rico are unable to show that they follow rules mandating that children receive representation for any court proceedings regarding their possible mistreatment. The result is that, far too often, no one speaks for the best interests of the mistreated child.

■  45 agencies, including Mississippi’s, do not comply with three or more of the five CAPTA mandates that the Globe and ProPublica asked about. Yet, almost every state, including Mississippi, routinely files letters with the federal Children’s Bureau claiming to follow the law in order to be eligible for federal funding.

■  Six agencies, including those in Florida and Michigan, do not comply with any of the federal rules the Globe and ProPublica asked about. And not one agency was found fully compliant with the federal law.

CAPTA requires that children be represented by court-appointed advocates, known as “guardians ad litem,” when they go to court to address issues such as who it is safe for them to live with. But the law allows for just about anyone to serve in the role, creating great variation in the quality of representation. 


One estimate suggests that by the time children turn 9, more than 20% of U.S. children born to a married couple and over 50% of those born to a cohabiting couple will have experienced the breakup of their parents.

Statistics: Children & Divorce

October 11, 2018

By Owenby Law, P.A.

50% of all children in the United States will witness the end of a parent’s marriage.

Children born out of wedlock are 24% more likely to see their parents’ divorce.

Author: Mike Tikkanen

Today 37% of American children are reported to child protective services by the time they are 18.

In 2016, 3.5 million children were investigated (or the subject of CP response).  Almost 700,000 children are abused annually & tens of million Americans suffer from the traumas of child abuse.

Untreated trauma leads to dangerous lifestyle, chronic illness and early death – impacting taxes, schools, public safety and health.

Just a few years ago 6 year old foster child Kendrea Johnson suicided by hanging very near to where Arianna died and four year old Eric Dean was slowly tortured to death even after 15 reports of abuse by mandated reporters.

Kendrea left a note, told many people her thoughts about suicide and homicide and she was seeing a therapist (Eric couldn’t write).

Have you any idea how hard it is for a six year old to think through a successful hanging?  Many adults fail at this endeavor.

Cringing is a normal response to the message you have just read.  But it is because we the people cringe at and avoid this conversation that these children suffer the traumas, terrors and torture that happens daily to children throughout our communities.


NOVEMBER 26, 2019 • 12:03PM

Educators Make Mental Health Crisis Top Priority at Bargaining Table


Last year, a third grader at Kris Christensen’s school in St. Paul, Minn., was hospitalized. She had been thinking about suicide.

Thousands of St. Paul students have complex and growing mental-health needs and educators want desperately to help them. That’s why the Saint Paul Federation of Educators (SPFE) has made mental health its primary issue at the bargaining table this year, and offered a contract proposal that calls for every St. Paul public school serving K-12 students to be staffed by a mental-health team with licensed staff in these positions: psychologist, counselor, social worker, and nurse, as well as behavioral-support specialists or equivalent education support professionals.