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You can join our cause below and help us out by participating in our forums and volunteering to help the campaign by contacting us below.

We also need financial assistance to run the campaign. All donations are greatly appreciated.


Create Awareness and Collect Stories.

We need your stories. If the courts have failed you and your children we need your stories. Please post them to our forum. Your stories help us prove the need for Mental Abuse Reform. Once you post your story tell everyone you know about our site. Post about us on all your social media sites.

Mobile Mental Health Units

We need volunteers from the therapeutic industry to help create and dispatch regional mobile mental health units. Whether you are a student or a highly trained and seasoned professional we need your assistance. Once these units are fully formed and operating, part time and full time paid opportunities will be developed. Students will be able to gain valuable hours of supervision and social interaction. 

Fundraising Contractors in all 50 States

We are currently looking for individuals that would like to join our efforts in raising funding for the campaign. Fundraising contractors will spend time approaching businesses to garner sponsorship donations for our newsletter, one time donations in the forms of money, raffle, silent auction or other trade services for throwing fundraising events. Fundraising contractors may also assist in planning, organizing and promoting fundraising events. Fundraising Contractors will receive 10% of money raised in exchange for their time.

Legislative Activists in all 50 States

We need individuals on the ground in all 50 States visiting their State Senators and House reps. to get the conversation going in all states. These individuals will help set up meetings and conference calls for Mental Abuse Reform speakers to participate in. This is currently a volunteer position but once trained as a Mental Abuse Reform speaker, and fundraising efforts in the corresponding state can support a paid position, legislative activists becomes a paid position. 

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