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We have officially entered into the petition phase of our movement. We are gathering everyone together that has an interest in protecting our children. Below you will find the petition with the description of each proposed new change to our broken system of protecting our children's mental health. Please fill out the form and select each new proposed change that you support. If you have questions please join our discussion forum, or contact us directly.  Also, if there is a change to our system that you would like to see added to this petition, please contact us directly. We are always looking for feedback to ensure everyone is represented.

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Proposed New Law: Schools

Schools have nurses available to provide first aid for physical injury. It is time they also keep on staff personnel to provide first aid for mental health injuries.

Every school, both public and private will be required to keep a Social Worker, a Therapist, and a Psychologist on staff. In addition, all High schools will be required to also staff a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

Proposed New Law: Custody Prerequisites

This law establishes a new process for custody disputes. Before a custody case goes before a judge, an evaluation conducted by masters degree level psychologists/therapists must be conducted. This process would involve 2 or 3 mental health professionals as needed to reach a consensus on any recommendations that are presented to the judge. The evaluations and recommendations may vary depending on the conflict level of the case. This process would replace entirely all current Guardian et. Litem, custody evaluators, or parent expediter programs. Health insurance would be called upon to pay for these assessments. 



Judges who want to rule against the recommendations of the therapists would have to provide sound reasons why the assessment process failed and the Judge needed to implement their power of discretion. 

Proposed New Law: 50/50 Parenting Time

This law establishes that the Custody Prerequisite would be conducted from a view point of always working towards achieving a 50/50 parenting time schedule. The recommendations from the mental health professionals would provide clinical reasons why a 50/50 parenting time schedule would not be in a child's best interests. The recommendations will also provide for a treatment plan with milestones that would need to be met before 50/50 parenting time would become in the child's best interests. Parents would be able to call for official adjustment of parenting time schedules once milestones were met and signed off by the mental health professionals. The mandate of this law is not to penalize parents for mental health issues, but rather give them the tools to provide our children with the good example of taking care of themselves and healing from any mental health issues so that parents can be fully present in their kids lives.

Proposed New Law: Domestic Violence

This law establishes that the Custody Prerequisites assessments would be mandated to take into account any police reports on file involving the parents and children in the household. Any police reports on file involving physically threatening behavior or violent crime would automatically trigger the need for full psychological evaluations beyond just an MMPI. If any CPS investigations were ever opened that involved physically threatening behavior or violence towards children, it would also trigger a full psychological evaluation. If any police reports involves issues surrounding drug and alcohol issues those reports would automatically trigger the need for chemical assessments. Depending on the results of the full evaluations and assessments, recommendations for limited time, or supervised time must also accompany recommendations for therapy for the children involved. Recommended treatment milestones that were completed that result in awarding any additional parenting time would need to be approved by all mental health professionals involved in the initial assessments and treatment procedures. 

Proposed New Law: Parental Alienation Prevention

This law establishes that the Custody Prerequisites assessments would be mandated to assess for any risk factors that the children could be exposed to any unintended parental alienation behaviors from the parents. When involved in custody matters it can be a highly emotionally charged trauma for the parents and they may need support. Ongoing co-parenting matters may also create highly charged emotional situations and parents may need extra support to keep from unintended harm to their children. Parental Alienation creates immense stress on children if they at all feel they are being forced to "choose" a parent over another. These traumas have as much life long damaging consequences as physical or sexual abuse and our children need to be protected from this form of psychological abuse. The Custody Prerequisite assessments will give recommendations on various classes and support groups centered around how to co-parent without putting your children in the middle. 

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