Trauma Therapy for Kids Scholarship Program

Mental Abuse Reform is dedicated not only to changing laws, but also to creating more infrastructure and resources for when those laws are changed. As a part of that effort we have created a scholarship program for children who do not have the access and resources to receive the trauma therapy they need. 

We are currently forming partnerships with agencies that can provide secured online therapy options, or other mobile services that can travel to the community and provide services in homes, schools, churches, and community centers.

We are excited to announce our first scholarship partner in providing these services: 

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Below is an application form for our scholarship program. The form is used to apply for a 3 month treatment plan of weekly sessions for children of all ages up to 18 years old. Application must be filled out by parents of applicants. The bottom of the form is for new partners. Either the parents of applicants may request a different therapy partner than those provided on our list. Other therapy companies and organizations may also use the bottom half of the form to request to join our partnership network. 

All applications will be served so long as there is available funding. Applications will be evaluated and chosen for scholarships based on multiple factors of need and availability of funding. All applications and information provided on these applications will remain strictly confidential. Once an application has been chosen, parents will be notified and sent our scholarship acceptance forms.  

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How long have you been without services?

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